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Hot Vulcanizing vs Cold Vulcanizing for Conveyor Belt Splicing and Repairs

Conveyor belt repairs can take your plant operations offline for a significant period of time. When this happens your operations endures a drop in productivity that cuts into your bottom line.

Using the hot vulcanizing or cold vulcanizing methods to repair a conveyor belt can greatly reduce the amount of time your system is down. Additionally, repairs using either of these methods can extend the life of your conveyor belt system.

However, sometimes it can be challenging it decide between hot vs cold vulcanizing.

The method you use depends on the type of damage to your conveyor belt.

Conveyor Belt Repair Methods

Conveyor belts typically incur damage to their covers, fabrics and carcasses. Covers acquire rips, tears, cuts, gouges and scoring. Carcasses become worn and punctured. Belts fracture and fray at the edges.

The cold vulcanizing method employs vulcanized material such as patches and strips to repair a conveyor belt. The vulcanized material is placed over the damaged area and secured with an adhesive.

This makes the cold vulcanizing method ideal for repairing belt covers damaged by scoring, gouges and other types of wear.

The hot vulcanizing method utilizes heat and pressure to mend sections of a conveyor belt. The damaged portion of belt is carefully trimmed or removed. A new section repaired and bonded in place using cement or other adhesives.

The hot vulcanizing method is optimal for holes, cuts and tears in belt covers, steel cords and fabric.

What Applications and Tools Are Used for Hot and Cold Vulcanizing?

Almex produces Fusion Systems – a complete product line of easy to use applications for both hot vulcanizing and cold vulcanizing.

Fusion Systems products include repair material such as cover rubber, splicing foil, patches and strips.

Fusion Systems also provides high quality primers, adhesives, and cements that strengthen repaired sections so your conveyor belt system can maintain its load capacity.

Additionally, Fusion Systems offers essential tools for hot and cold vulcanizing repairs such as splice skivers, knives, stitchers, buffers and rollers.

Whether you use the hot vulcanizing or cold vulcanizing method, Almex’s advanced repair products will have your conveyor belt back in service in hours.