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Shaw Almex Sets the Standard in Mine and Quarry Safety

Shaw Almex Sets the Standard in Mine and Quarry Safety

Almex Goes Underground

Shaw Almex recently passed the necessary requirements to meet current Australian and New Zealand safety standards for mines and quarries. These standards assess the safety aspects of Shaw Almex’s product design and manufacturing operations. Passing these requirements is a great leap forward in electrical safety for surface and underground mines.

Almex’s top of the line conveyor belt vulcanizers and belt vulcanizer controllers are designed to meet or exceed the following standards:

  • AS3000 (wiring rules for surface mines)
  • AS/NZS3007 (electrical installations for surface mines)
  • AS/NZS4871 (electrical equipment for mines and quarries)
  • AS4242 (standards for electrical wiring systems of earth moving machinery used in mines) MDG15 (safety requirements for design and manufacture of conveyor belt equipment)
  • MDG41 (guidelines for pressurized fluid power systems used as a power source on mechanical equipment used in mines)

Meeting these high standards involved rigorous third party evaluation of Shaw Almex’s product designs and manufacturing facilities. According to Safe Work Australia, the Australian mining industry employs nearly a quarter of a million people. Keeping workers safe and mines injury free is a priority for both the mining industry and Shaw Almex.

Shaw Almex Conveyor Belt Vulcanizers are Recognized for Safe Product Design

Our company effectively demonstrated that our manufacturing plants operate in a safe manner and that our products are designed to reduce the potential for accident and injury. For example, our belt presses and controllers were inspected for proper electrical wiring, ground fault protection and insulation. They were also evaluated for the ability to function safely in volatile mining environments where high temperatures, high pressures, variable power supplies within the potentially dangerous mining environments pose a risk to workers.

Our products were also recognized for having clear and concise instruction manuals and easily accessible emergency stoppage devices. Products measured against the standards include the:

  • RAB4 Belt Splicer with HPP20­4­GF Hydraulic Pressure Pump

  • SVP Belt Splicer with HPP20­GF Hydraulic Pressure Pump

  • SSP4 Super Spotter Belt Splicer with C322 Maxus X­Lite Air Compressor

  • T2­GF­1 Belt Splicing Controller

  • T4P­GF­1 Belt Splicing Controller

Not only are the products assessed as in compliance, the plants where our belt splicing equipment is manufactured have also been certified as having met or exceeded safety and quality standards. This includes ensuring operations have adequate protection against electrical hazards and strong operation, testing, inspection and maintenance regimens in place.

What does meeting these standards mean for our current and future customers? It means they can continue to trust Shaw Almex conveyor belt splicing equipment to get the job done. It also means customers can count on Shaw Almex to keep their surface and underground mining operations in motion while reducing risk to their workers.