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Report from Mine Expo Guadalajara, 2017

This was Guadalajara’s first year hosting the largest mining exposition in Mexico, held every second year in October. There were plenty of areas to improve, starting with confusion in dates, times, and booth set up confusion. Once the show got running, though, it was a breath of fresh air compared with the crowded aisles of Acapulco. There was at least double the open space in the Guadalajara facilities, making it infinitely easier to move around and for people to approach the stands.

One of the most important advantages of the show being in Guadalajara was the fact that Acapulco is a breathtakingly beautiful tourist destination, competing for the attention of the expo attendees. Guadalajara, while having plenty of excellent restaurants and architecture, doesn’t have the same appeal to people, so more of their time and attention was focused on the trade show. We immediately noticed a much higher incidence of mining people in attendance, and for multiple days.

Secondly, and equally important, Guadalajara is a much more secure region of the country than Acapulco, so upper management of both mining companies and the trade show participants was more prevalent.

Camese had a strong presence in this show, and their B2B (Business to Business) support for the Canadian participants was outstanding. They arranged six different face-to-face meetings with mining companies for us, which would have been almost impossible without their support. They hosted an afternoon toast on Friday was attended by at least 90% of the visitors to the show. The service and attitudes of the staff was amazing, and the food and beverages were delicious. Camese has been improving every year and this year was excellent. I am very happy we chose to partner with them for the show. Finding the Canadian pavilion has never been easier, with the red and white banners hanging up high and proud with the Maple Leaf on full display.

Almex Fusion de Mexico highlighted our new facility in Leon, along with plenty of discussion and samples of EZ Fix Max, and discussion of Dust Suppression, EMSYS and a more active focus on lightweight products, since Guadalajara is a strong lightweight region of the country. We had strong and positive response for our plan to host a lightweight seminar in Leon in the new year, and have recently decided to expand it to a more comprehensive event that would include heavyweight products, mixing of cements, training, dust suppression, etc.

All in all, this was without a doubt the best turnout in terms of quantity and quality of customers, and the attitude of Mexican mining is very positive for the next few years.

We anticipate excellent results from the show this year, and have already received quotation requests.

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