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Belt Noodle Gum

Belt Noodle Gum

Belt Noodle Gum is an uncured rubber for hot vulcanized belt splicing. It is designed for use as a noodle rubber for steel cord belt splicing or finger splicing of fabric belts. The material is designed to bond to cured inter-core in all standard grade steel cord conveyor belts, as well as fabric belt cured skim rubber and general bond improvement material for general grade fabric conveyor belts.


  • Enhances working life of steel cord belts splices
  • Improves flexibility and strength of conveyor belt splices
  • Eliminates surface contamination (normal application) with
    double sided poly
  • Uses poly color coding system to ID compound
  • For Natural Rubber (NR), Polyisoprene (IR), Styrene-Butadiene (SBR), Polybutadiene (BR), Polychloroprene i.e. – Neoprene (CR) rubber belt splices
Rubber Color Black
Poly Liner Color Blue (double sided)
Base Polymer SBR Rubber
Specific Gravity 1.15 – 1.21
Hardness 58 – 68 Shore A
Rubber Tensile 2000 – 2600 psi
Rubber Elongation 300 – 500% (at break)
Shelf Life 6 months at 70° F or 12 months at 50° F

  Poly Color Thickness/Gauge Width Length Roll Weight
  (both sides) fac in mm in m ft m kg lb
AA-STN-365 Blue - .118 3 .25 6.4 16 5 .25 .6
Belt Noodle Gum Product Sheet