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FusionLagg OMD

FusionLagg OMD

FusionLagg OMD (Orange Mini Diamond) is a small profile pulley lagging, ideal for driven pulleys with medium to low tensions and belt ratings.


  • Excellent coefficient of friction in wet or muddy installations
  • Features the Fusion bonding layer technology for superior
    adhesion to the pulley surface
  • A natural rubber compound with high abrasion resistance and
    water in fine shedding capability
  • The moulded mini diamond pattern offers exceptional grip
    and wear resistance
  • Ideal for driven head or tail pulleys requiring a medium profile and particularly suited for wet applications
Colour Orange  
Elastomer NR  
Tensile Stength 19 Mpa DIN 53504
Elongation at Break 600% DIN 53504
Density 1.08 g/cm3 DIN 35050
Hardness 48 Shore A DIN 53505
Abrasion Resistance 260 mm3 DIN 53516
Groove Dimensions 4mm x 3mm 3/16” x 1/8”
Diamond Dimension 40mm x 20mm 1” x 3/4”

  Thickness/Gauge Width Length Weight
PRODUCT CODE Frac in mm in mm ft m lbs kg
CFL-OMD-650 1/4 .25 7 59.5 1500 50 15.25 150 68
FusionLagg OMD Product Sheet