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PrimeDrive Lagging

Prime Drive

PrimeDrive is the most unique, compatible lagging offered in years. It completely eliminates the grinding and cutting required to remove corroded lagging.


  • Aircraft grade aluminum cores in a flexible wing design, fastened with self-tapping corrosion resistant bolts
  • Fits on any diameter from 10" to 72" and on any face width, so a few pieces will cover the entire pulley
  • Fastened with a pneumatic drill and socket driver, avoiding the use of burn permits and the risk of fire or explosion
  • 2-3 hour change-outs, since hole pattern already exists
  • Performance increases 200 to 300% in wear life over alternate systems, because the rubber compound has a high percentage of natural rubber
  • Excellent traction due to superior rubber content and no gaps in the lagging
  • At least 16% more lagging in contact with the belt at all times
  • No need to inventory numerous pieces with varying radius
  • A chop saw, T-square and drill are all that is needed to eliminate rusted-on lagging
  • Large aggressive diamond profile material provided in strip rolls 5.5" wide and 70" long

Elastomer 70% Natural 30% SBR  
Tensile Stength 3500 psi DIN 53504
Elongation at Break 600% DIN 53504
Density 1.3 g/cm3 DIN 35005
Hardness 65 Shore A DIN 53505
Abrasion Resistance 50 mm3 DIN 53516
  Thickness/Gauge Width Length Roll Weight
PRODUCT CODE Frac in mm in mm ft m lbs kg
PD-ST-70 5/8 .63 15 5.5 140 70 1780 18 8
Flame Resistant Version
PD-ST-70FR 5/8 .63 15 5.5 140 70 1780 18 8
PrimeDrive Lagging Product Sheet