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EZ Fix Manual Urethane Repair System

EZ Fix Manual Urethane Repair System

EZ Fix is a two part, 100% solids urethane compounded for the repair of rubber and PVC conveyor belts and linings.


  • Excellent for conveyor belt repair, pulley repairs, skirt board damage, covering fasteners and cleat repair
  • Odor free and non toxic
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant in most applications
  • The material cures to touch in 2 minutes and can be buffed
    after two hours
  • 100% solids means NO shrinkage and no VOC's, making it
    safe to use
  • Shelf life is 1 year unopened, good for up to 60 days after opening
  • Standard system is self leveling
  • A high viscosity version is available (NS – Non Sag)
  • Packed in 2 × 200 ml, two part cartridges and uses a dual
    plunger dispensing gun
  • The special mixing tips have a baffle system that mixes the material as it is dispensed

Colour Black
Elastomer Polyurethane
Elongation at Break 1110%
Hardness 60 Shore A
Abrasion Resistance 200 mg/1000 cycles
Tensile Strength 1630 psi/115kg/cm2
EF-BR-200KIT EZ Fix Kit: Dispensing unit, 6 cartridges: 200×200, 12 mixing tips
EF-BR-200SL EZ Fix dual cartridge: 200 × 200 ml, including 1 mixing tip
EF-MT-1 EZ Fix mixing tip
EF-MT-12 EZ Fix refill mixing tip: comprises 25 pieces
EF-DG-430 EZ Fix dispensing gun
EF-EZP-250-ML EZ Fix Primer
EZ Fix Manual Product Sheet