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OEM Service Program

8-Part OEM Service

  • EQUIPMENT ASSESSMENT: Assessment of vulcanizing equipment to OEM standards. A full range of reporting features are also available to suit your requirements
  • CERTIFICATION: Re-certification of vulcanizer equipment to OEM standards
  • REPAIR: Repair of vulcanizing equipment to OEM standards
  • RENTAL: Rental packages available to keep your operation up and
  • REFURBISHMENT: Refurbishment of vulcanizing equipment to OEM standards
  • CALIBRATION: Factory calibration of vulcanizing equipment to OEM standards
  • NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING: NDT testing of vulcanizer bars and bolts to OEM standards
  • TRAINING: Training on operating Shaw Almex equipment


Safety should be the greatest priority for your operations, It affects every area of your business.

Health and safety standards have become more stringent and penalties for non-compliance have escalated. Not only can the employer be held responsible, but criminal charges can be brought against the managers, directors and company owners.

It is imperative that companies take steps to ensure employee safety and mitigate risk from equipment that is unsafe or improperly operated.
Conveyor belt vulcanizers operate using high voltage, high temperature and high pressure. These parameters can cause injury to an employee but when combined the risk factor increases exponentially.

Many people do not realize that one small vulcanizer operating at 200 psi generates as much force as an empty 747 jetliner.

In response, Shaw Almex has developed the OEM Service Program. This multifaceted approach ensures your employees’ safety, eliminates onsite failures, and reduces exposure for your organization.

Shaw Almex has invested in specialized non destructive testing equipment optimized for the inspection of bolts and critical structural members of a vulcanizer. This equipment quickly identifies problems that could lead to catastrophic failures and injuries.

Additional tests to ensure all safety components are present and functioning and employees are trained in the proper equipment assembly and operation can eliminate costly failures and injury.

A primary benefit of the OEM Service Plan
is improved or increased uptime of your equipment. Many companies are frequently in need of additional equipment because units are non-functioning or in need of repair. By returning these units to service capital budgets can be maximized.

Additional benefits of the program include: