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EZ Fix Max Conveyor Repair System

EZ Fix Max Conveyor System Repair Kit

EZ FIX MAX® is a conveyor repair kit providing a long-lasting repair, strong adhesion and quick cure time. EZ FIX MAX® will extend the life of your conveyor belt by offering excellent wear resistance and durability that is equal to the actual conveyor belt.


  • Reduces conveyor downtime, sets up within 1 hour and can be buffed within 2 hours
  • Superior adhesion
  • Permanent solution, not a temporary patch
  • No crystallization, therefore no cracking or peeling
    buffed after two hours
  • Can be stored for up to 12 months
  • For use on rubber, concrete, wood or metal surfaces
  • Formulated for easy in-field use with minimal tools
    and personnel

Colour Black
Elastomer Polyurethane
Elongation at Break 110%
Hardness 60 Shore A
Abrasion Resistance 200 mg/1000 cycles
Tensile Strength 1630 psi/115kg/cm2
EF-MAX-750KIT Full Kit
EF-MAX-A Part A – Conveyor Repair Polyurethane, 700 gr
EF-MAX-B Catalyst B, 49 gr
EF-MAX-CS Cleaning Solution, 50 gr
EF-MAX-P One Component Urethane Primer, 51 gr
HT-LA-100 Latex gloves, 1 pair
HT-BCF-100 Brush, 25 ml/1”
HT-TR-400 Trowel, 100 mm / 4”
HT-ST-001 Stir Stick, 235 mm / 9.25”
EZ FIX MAX Conveyor Repair System Sheet
SDS EZ FIX-MAX-750KIT Urethane
SDS EZ FIX-MAX-750KIT Urethane