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EZ Skirt

EZ Skirt


In over 40 years there have been no significant developments in skirtboard systems ... until now!

Simplicity is the only way to describe the EZ Skirt System. With only two components, its construction is maintenance free, vibration proof and the simplest system to install. It is also the only system that can truly be maintained by one technician. With its patented serrated stainless holder and interlocking rubber strips, a simple tap with a rubber mallet and the skirtboard can be adjusted in seconds. Because it can be adjusted on 4" (10cm) centers, it will contour over the troughing idlers giving a tight dust seal like no other system. it is not segmented like other systems which can damage the belt with sharp protruding edges. Safe, simple to install, maintenance free and easy to adjust there is no other system like EZ Skirt.

Laser cut stainless steel hanger brackets, 5' long, are available in two face widths and several angles to provide an optimal seal for your application.

Rubber skirtboard in 5' lengths are available in thicknesses from 1/4" up to 4,5,6,8,10 and 12". The ends are interlocking to provide a seal over the entire length. EZ Skirt is available in a stock SBR compound at 60 Shore A or special order premium 45 Shore A compound.

With its unique ability to contour it is ideal as a tail skirt. It can also be used as a dust or rock shield on drag lines or in plow applications. Rubber will typically outlast standard rubber clamp mechanisms 2:1.

EZ Skirt Sizes and Specifications