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Velocity Air Cooled Vulcanizer

Velocity Air Cooled Vulcanizer


Almex’s air-cooled presses represent the pinnacle in quality portable belt presses. The Velocity is the most advanced press in the market, the most innovative in Almex’s Lightweight Press Division. Velocity works in conjuction with the ALMEXPAD Control Tablet.


  • Air-Cooled Platens
  • Internal air compressor
  • Works with ALMEXPAD technology
  • 10-minute cycle times
  • Supplied with ALMEXPAD Junior Tablet
  • Ultra lightweight construction
  • Belt clamps included
  • 110 volt/220 volt operation
  • For PVC, PU and European-style belting
  • Max. belt width of 24” to 60” (1500 mm)

Velocity Product Sheet

ALMEXPAD Junior Tablet

Used in conjunction with the Velocity Portable Press. It will record and transmit splice data. You will be able to view the splice data in real operating time. Operating on a wired connection, the Junior tablet provides a series of reliable systems for improving splice accuracy, reducing splice time and minimizing the potential of human error. An ergonomically designed enclosure makes it user friendly on the jobsite. ALMEXPAD Junior utilizes the ANDROID operating system, one of the most efficient application-rich platforms today.