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OTR Tire Repair Vulcanizing Press

OTR Vulcanizing Press


With the worldwide shortage of new tires, equipment owners and service companies around the world are looking for ways to salvage much needed capital and hours out of haulage and loader tires in mines, quarries and industrial sites. This is where the Almex OTR Press comes in. The very latest generation in tire repair vulcanizers, it’s the only system that repairs a damaged tire with the same process that it was originally manufactured in. Providing a repair that offers the same integrity, safety and durability of newly manufactured tires. Offering four models, Almex has your tire repair covered, no matter what your size needs.


Choose from two OTR press sizes: A51 and A63
A full range of tire repair machines for smaller trucks and other vehicles are also available.


  • Completely automated operation process.
  • Interchangeable aluminum molds, for perfect adjustment and shape.
  • Repairs tire sidewall, shoulder and tread.
  • Remote control regulates upper and front arms for easy tire adjustment.
  • Independent heating areas (zones), depending on the area of the tire to repair.
  • Equal pressure by means of pneumatic pressure bag.